19 October 2008

The pink transistor (radio)

The Pink Transistor (radio)
As a work of art, this "found sculpture" might compare favourably with Damien Hirst's famous shark ("The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living"), or his diamond encrusted skull (not Damien's personal skull, I hasten to add. I believe he's still using that). The pink transistor's certainly cheaper, though. Seriously, Damien gets huge criticism (as well as enormous sums of money), but I must admit I find some of his work interesting (in the non-pejorative sense), and that seems to be what he's claiming to do (as well as making enormous sums of money).

I'm willing to negotiate with the owner if anyone wants to buy The Fading Voice of the Electromagnetic Spectrum Unlocks the Shielded Past (a.k.a. The Pink Transistor), although I don't actually know whether it's for sale. I suspect it will be if anyone does offer the reserve price of $10 million (Come on! It's a bargain! Only about one tenth of the price of Damien's skull!). You'll be supporting me, too — my commission will be a mere 1%.

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Relatively Retiring said...

Ah, but have you opened this blog to Tate Modern, Christies, Sotheby's and a couple of Russian oligarchs (ref. your cousin for details)? You really should hone your marketing skills.

Relatively Retiring said...

P.S. Great new title; it looks extremely good.

pohanginapete said...

Thank you, R.R. Alas, you have identified my marketing incompetence. However, I will soon go fully public with this site, and will trust that after Damien's agent and others have beaten a path to my (virtual) door, my new fiscal fortune will not ruin my future moments.

Glad you like the new header. Thanks for the feedback :^)