22 August 2016

Dawn on the back hill

The face of the back hill was still dark but I could see enough to know the deer were elsewhere. The one silhouetted on the skyline suggested the others weren't far away, though: maybe on the far side. The magpie on the fence sat there, maybe watching the hind grazing, or maybe, like me, it was just enjoying the dawn.

[1/100 sec at f4, ISO 640]

All content © 2016 Pete McGregor


Lisa Emerson said...

Such a quiet scene in all the joyous colour of dawn - it feels almost as if we are voyeurs on a private moment.

pohanginapete said...

Lisa, it felt very peaceful, as if the deer and the bird were completely caught up in their own lives and I was just a distant observer (which, I suppose, I was).