29 May 2016

Late autumn, Pohangina valley

Less than a week to go until the official start of winter, and many of the deciduous trees have apparently not realised they're supposed to have shed their leaves. I don't mind, especially when a combination of an approaching thunderstorm and a little leftover sun produce this kind of picture. I was standing on my verandah when I photographed this.

[1/160 sec at f4, ISO 250]

All content © 2016 Pete McGregor


Barbara Butler McCoy said...

The mystery in this scene is almost palpable. It makes me think of watercolor sketches.

Lisa Emerson said...

I love the light on the tree, with the dark clouds behind - you have made something beautiful of the atmosphere of the last few days.

pohanginapete said...

Thank you, Barbara. I think I've almost managed to do it justice. I look at this view many times a day, yet at that moment something about the light compelled me. Yet, it was a subtle light: just a slight change in quality would have turned the scene dull and flat.

Thanks Lisa :-) Right now I'm looking at the same scene, and the green has mostly gone, replaced by typical autumn yellows, and the light lacks that quality. I guess the photograph's more a testament to noticing than any particular photographic skill.