05 March 2016

Whio, Pohangina headwaters

Yesterday I walked over the Ngamoko Range to Leon Kinvig hut in the headwaters of the Pohangina river. In the evening I explored a short distance down the river until, on the verge of turning back, I heard a whistle. The light had almost gone, but by bracing the camera on a huge boulder I managed some photographs of this lone male whio.

All content © 2016 Pete McGregor


Lisa Emerson said...

"Make sure you take it from my best side!" A wonderful image, Pete - look at those strong feet!

Relatively Retiring said...

He blends so beautifully into his background. So glad you managed the meeting.

gz said...


Zhoen said...

He is one with the rock and river.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Lisa. They need strong feet to paddle in the rapids of those mountain streams!

RR, I've often noticed how it's that bill that stands out, particularly in the low light of dusk. It's surprisingly bright, and I wonder whether it might help them keep track of each other easily. I don't know how it would possible to test that, though.

Thanks gz :-)

Zhoen, they're so much part of that environment that seeing them anywhere else (i.e. in captivity) just seems wrong.