13 January 2016

'I see you' — cattle on No 1 Line

About a month ago a small herd of heifers (and one or two steers) grazed the car park at the end of No. 1 Line. In the manner of all adolescent cattle, they couldn't restrain their curiosity, and checked me out — nervously, of course. I'd biked there, so I stood very still, leaning against my bike, while they gathered round. Eventually, the bravest one, or the most curious, came close enough to dab its muzzle on my hand. It wasn't this one, though.

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Barbara Butler McCoy said...

The word that comes to mind is 'sweet ' - serene, steadfast sweet. (I saw a similar expression on our dear, departed Boxer's face so many times. )

Zhoen said...


Avus said...

So docile and gentle.... and yet I well remember walking with a dog (Red Setter) through a herd of such, with calves present. They combined at a distance, then followed me, getting closer (and faster)until they were actually running to surround me. I released the dog from its lead (accepted procedure in such situations) and managed to negotiate a hedgerow, leaving them on the other side. The dog sorted itself out, as dogs usually do.
I have heard of dog walkers being surrounded and trampled to death in such situations. Never walk a dog (even on a lead) among cows with calves!

Lisa Emerson said...

Cows are such curious creatures, and given to unusual behaviour. I well remember Bruce coming home from the farm, with the car covered with strange, regular markings. When I enquired about what he'd been doing he said "yes, well, the cows were licking the car..."

pohanginapete said...

Barbara, this was actually one of the wilder-looking beasts. The one that came up and eventually (and tentatively) dabbed its nose on my hand was a lovely-looking little jersey.

Zhoen, surprisingly, there wasn't much of that. Maybe they were too preoccupied with trying to figure out what kind of odd human I was.

Avus, these were O.K. They were just youngsters, and a sudden movement would have sent them fleeing. If it had been a mob of cows with calves, I'd have been on the other side of the fence. They're dangerous animals.

Lisa, that kind of behaviour is one of the reasons they contract TB. A dying possum staggers out into a paddock and the cattle gather round, curious to see why this possum's acting so strange. Video exists of cattle actually licking a dying possum.
I'm sure Bruce's car posed no risk to them ;-)