27 December 2014

The Ngamoko Range from near Toka Biv

A belated Merry Christmas, everyone :^)

I was here on Christmas Day after arriving at Toka Biv in light rain that turned torrential towards evening, but I woke on Boxing Day in time to see the Ngamoko Range looking like this. The Ngamoko is a branch of the main Ruahine Range; the headwaters of the Pohangina River separate the Ngamoko on the west from the Ruahine on the east. The Ngamoko is much higher than the Ruahine here; Toka Biv sits at the edge of a basin on a spur leading from the Ngamoko Range down to the Pohangina River.

Later in the morning I climbed back up to the Ngamoko Range, which by then had become clagged in with cloud, and made my way down to Leon Kinvig hut in the Pohangina headwaters. This morning I climbed back up and over the range to the car. I'd seen no one else during the entire trip until I was partway down the other side, just an hour or so from the car. From there, I met 17 people in four parties coming up the track. Guess I timed my trip right.

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gz said...

One of the images that will just say New Zealand to us. Beauty and peace of mind .
All the best for the coming year

Relatively Retiring said...

A beautiful photograph, and a happy confirmation that you have your strength and stamina back.
Happy New Year.

Zhoen said...

Looks like they are covered in brown velvet.

pohanginapete said...

Thank you, gz, and I'm glad it reminds you of New Zealand.

RR, thank you. I seemed to cover the ground fairly comfortably (that's a relative term!), so I do seem fully recovered — and getting stronger, I trust. Happy New Year to you, also.

Zhoen, that impression couldn't be further from the truth — most of that covering is tupare (leatherwood), which is almost impenetrable. The leaves are tough, with toothed edges, so you can get pretty badly scratched up trying to struggle through it.

Jono said...

Hey Pete.

Good to see you back in the Ruahine. A great spot to spend Christmas.

pohanginapete said...

Cheers Jono. It felt great to be back there and moving comfortably. Went back to Toka Biv with a friend last weekend, too. Hope you're managing some decent trips.