11 September 2014

Monitor lizard, Keoladeo NP, Bharatpur

At Keoladeo Ghana NP, near Bharatpur in Rajasthan, I was on my way back to the entrance when I was lucky to see this large monitor lizard sunning itself. A nice farewell.

This photograph goes back quite a few weeks now. I've been in the UK since the beginning of September. Next stop, all going well, will be Kazakhstan for a few days, then on to Nepal. Back to India about the beginning of October (more or less -- as usual, I have no definite plans).

Unfotunately, I lost the cable that connects my card reader to the tablet, so I can't download the recent photographs. However, I should be able to pick one up in the market at Kazakhstan, where apparently anything can be bought.

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AJB said...

Varanus bengalensis I'm thinking.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Andrew.