11 August 2010

Leaf forms

I'd often been struck by the graphic quality of these leaves as I'd walked past, and often thought they called out to be photographed. I finally got around to it a few weekends ago.

[31 July 2010; Canon 20D, 300 mm f4 L, ISO 400, 1/160 at f8. Heavily processed.]

All content © 2010 Pete McGregor


Paul said...

Still around admiring your work.

This is a wonderful graphic rendition of a poem that I wrote when I was sixteen years old. In fact, I consider it the first poem I wrote. As soon as I saw your photograph it immediately came to mind after all these years:

“There are times when moods show no deceit
And let you see inside;
Windows that have no blinds;
Images that cannot hide.

No crystals, boards or mediums;
Unveiled by life's own laws;
Leaves of despair shading hope’s roots
To increase the darkness it draws.”

pohanginapete said...

Paul, thank you. I'm always delighted when one of my photos encourages this kind of response, and although you'd written your poem many years before this photo, your sharing it here adds depth to the photo. Thanks :^)

Barbara said...

I've been looking at this wonderfully mysterious image for days, trying to find words to express how it affects me. More often than not I have this reaction with respect to Will Shakespeare's work, an understanding of Rilke's comment, "The universe is wide, in us it is deep." Now this photo ...thank you.

pohanginapete said...

Barbara, thanks! To be mentioned in the same breath as Shakespeare and Rilke — wonderful! I do think I know what you mean about things like this, though — how that "not-quite-knowing" does seem to add a quality to works that's missing in works that are completely transparent. Perhaps the best works suggest rather than explain?